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What do we consider to be the Best Blender?

Buying a blender may seem like an easy task. Go to the store, pick up a box, carry it to the register, pay, and enjoy. Unfortunately, it is never this simple. With so many options out there, it can be rather difficult to choose the best blender. Once you get to the store, you must try to narrow down the options by asking yourself some questions.

Are high priced blenders worth the extra money? Does a budget friendly blender die out and need replacing within a year? Is the ice crushing feature a necessity? Here is a review of the 5 top blenders based on quality, price, and performance.

The Cuisinart PowerEdge

The Cuisinart PowerEdge is a powerful 700 watt blender. This super quiet blender is strong and durable and can handle just about anything that you throw in it. When it comes to everyday use, this blender stands strong. This is one of the best blenders available today in the $125 price range. It keeps on working even after other blenders have burnt themselves out. It features a Turbo-Edge blade design that allows it to crush ice, puree, and mix in no time at all. The pre-programmed smoothie function is perfect for whipping up the perfect smoothie.

The ice crush function transforms ice into snow without having to add any extra water. In addition to the pre-programmed function, it also features a low and high speed blending function. This blender comes with a pretty standard 56 oz glass jar. The blades are easily removable making for an easy cleanup. The most recognizable difference between this blender and other blenders is the three year manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike the 1 year warranty that almost every other blender manufacturer provides, Cuisinart stands by its product, willing to cover any defects for three years.

The Oster 4093-008

The Oster Beehive is one of the more attractive blenders on the market today. Featuring a sleek brushed stainless steel design, this blender can hold its own with an above average 600 watt motor. This blender costs about $60, which is a great price for the amount of power that it offers. The Beehive sports a super sharp ice crusher blade that works great when adding a few ice cubes at a time.

The pitcher that comes with this blender is on the smaller side, measuring in at forty ounces. It is made of thermal shock tested glass that can go from hot to cold, or vice versa without shattering. The pitcher is dishwasher safe, but beware that the blades will rust if it is not removed and dried right away. The downfall to this blender is that the rubber drive coupling has a tendency to break off when overused.

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender

KitchenAid makes some of the best kitchen appliances and this remains true when it comes to their blenders. This 0.9 horsepower blender features five speeds that will puree, mix, and blend just about anything from smoothies to sauces to salad dressing. The base has electronic push buttons. The puree setting is fabulous as it starts slow and speeds up so that everything is evenly chopped. Like many other blenders, it has an ice crush button that will allow you to make top notch frozen beverages. The 56 ounce shatter resistant jar is rather impressive.

It comes with a removable plastic piece in the top of the lid that allows you to use a stir stick. The soft grip handle allows you to transfer the finished product into a glass with ease. The KitchenAid blender comes in a wide variety of colors like blue, yellow, and red. Its performance and appearance makes it one of the best blenders available today. The most frequent complaint about this blender is that the nut that attaches the blade to the carafe loosens over time resulting in a leak at the bottom of the carafe. This problem is covered by the one year warranty. Replacing the carafe outside of warranty may not be worth it at $60 when the whole blender costs about $125.

The Ninja Professional

The Ninja is ranked on of the best blenders because of the power to price ratio. This 1000 watt blender costs around $100. It features six ultra sharp blades that can handle just about anything. The Ninja can take on whole fruits and vegetables to make juice and smoothies. With three speeds and a pulse feature, you can count on getting the perfect consistency every time. It can turn ice to snow in the matter of seconds.

The Ninja comes with an astonishing 72 ounce pitcher with a pour spout for mess-free pouring. Beware that the pitcher is made of plastic and can crack or break if it drops. The no slip base helps the blender stay put while working. Where the Ninja falls short is the plastic parts. Most of the mechanical parts are plastic which break easier than metal parts. If you need a blender for heavy, everyday use, you may want to consider another option.

Vitamix Turboblend

The Vitamix name is associated with the best blenders available today. This Vitamix professional blender has a lot to offer. It is the most powerful blender you can buy due to its two horsepower motor. The motor itself is thermally protected to prevent it from burning out. When it comes to its operation, the Vitamix sticks to the basics, featuring two speed functions. The TurboBlend comes with a 64 ounce polycarbonate pitcher.

The Vitamix has a heating feature that allows you to make soup and sauces without having to transfer them to the stove. While the Vitamix TurboBlend is expensive, about $400, it is hands down one of the best blenders around. However, if something should go wrong with the Vitamix, the customer service department is somewhat lacking.

Hopefully, shopping for a new blender will now be a little easier. There are hundreds of other blenders on the market, but these are the top five best blenders to choose from. While they all have their benefits, and their downsides it all depends on what the most important quality is: Price, performance, or special features.


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