Byron Bay is a small town at the northern end of the North Coast of New South Wales, famous for its sandy beaches and lighthouses, and the town’s ‘Cape Byron’ is the extreme eastern point of the Australian mainland. Byron Bay owes its name to Captain Cook, who named the hamlet after George Byron’s grandfather.

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s most popular surfing destinations, with several well-known surfing beaches that attract national and international visitors, including backpackers and skydivers. Byron Bay is also known for its wildlife, with whale watching becoming a major pillar of the local economy. The white Cape Byron Lighthouse, built in 1901, is also a famous attraction and can be visited if you have enough time. Byron Bay is not only about the sea, but also about the green hills and virgin forests that stretch around it. The forest is home to pristine ferns and the sun caresses these lovely creatures through the thick foliage.

Byron Bay’s scenic green hills, peaceful lifestyle and tranquil atmosphere are perfect for art, and many artists love the tranquillity and elegance of Byron Bay and choose to come to the town to make their homes and paintings, making it a town with an artistic flair.

Byron Bay is one of my favourite places to spend summer. From epic diving out at Julian Rocks with schooling sharks and turtles, fantastic surfing, raging waterfalls, and an incredible surfy ocean vibe – the town is epic! This is your guide to having the most fun in just 48 hours in Byron Bay.

Ask an Australian local and they’ll recommend Byron Bay over the Gold Coast, which is a haven for young Australians themselves.

Forgive my ignorance, but I’ve never heard of Byron Bay before. But you wouldn’t believe it, but I’m afraid it’s the place that brings another explosion of emotions after the purple romance of the bluebells, or even another high point of this Pacific road trip. It’s not that it’s so much about the romantic look and feel, but an atmosphere. It’s not too far from the Gold Coast, with the same long beach line for surfing, but why has it become Australia’s latest big internet travel sensation?

The locals will say, “We have the eastern pole of the Australian continent, and we welcome the first rays of the sun every day, isn’t that great? There’s also a world heritage rainforest, fun outdoor adventures and a colourful lifestyle. …… You have to politely stop them from going on or they’ll go into boast mode, ahahaha.

I think it’s “thanks” to the fact that the Gold Coast is so cluttered with international friends, hahaha, and Byron Bay is still fresh and kissable and not “tarnished” by too many people. The name Byron Bay is said to have been given by Captain Cook, who discovered the Australian continent, after the famous poet George Byron’s grandfather, who travelled the world by sea. Named after a famous person, it proves to be wildly poetic in its first impression.

It is a haven of total freedom, a moment when everyone forgets all their identities and mundane chores and the streets are the stage for you to let loose if you want to.

I could immediately understand what they were saying about the free and pluralistic mode of living, what kind of state and appearance it is here in Byron Bay. In a sense, it’s a paradise, a haven to unleash your desires.

Right next to these dancing crowds is the sea at sunset, after the tide has ebbed, the waves pulling away from the sand and the rocks and embracing them again and again, coming and going, originally noisy. But at the moment it seems incredibly still in the lingering red of the setting sun. It’s strange, and it’s beautiful.

Believe me, everyone who comes here starts to go crazy. Because it makes you want to move, and it makes you want to be still. You can’t help yourself. That magic is what makes Byron Bay so magical. Although you can’t see the sunset on the horizon, Byron Bay is already so picturesque under the smoke that you start to look forward to the sunrise on the sea tomorrow!

  • Children’s paradise, Australia!
    Friends who have been to Australia know that there is a ranking spread here. In Australia, children rank first, women rank second, dogs rank third and men rank fourth. Although it’s a joke, children growing up in Australia are really reincarnated experts. Birth: Australia will give corresponding subsidies to families after the birth of children
  • Dolphine & Doleforms
    Byron Bay, where people have names like downupandunda and the rocks are called Julian! Personally, I’ve always thought the words “dolphin” and “doleform” are way too similar for the cosmic capital. It leads to mass confusion. Every two weeks I get my dolphin stamped and I’ve had some amazing nude swims with doleforms. A local
  • Cape Byron Holiday Guide
    Cape Byron is Australia’s easternmost town, named Byron Bay by the famous Captain Cook in honour of the great navigator John Byron (yes, the grandfather of the great poet George Byron). With some of Australia’s most bohemian beaches, Byron Bay is home to some of Australia’s biggest stars and artists, and is home to a