Children’s paradise, Australia!

Friends who have been to Australia know that there is a ranking spread here. In Australia, children rank first, women rank second, dogs rank third and men rank fourth. Although it’s a joke, children growing up in Australia are really reincarnated experts. Birth: Australia will give corresponding subsidies to families after the birth of children

Dolphine & Doleforms

Byron Bay, where people have names like downupandunda and the rocks are called Julian! Personally, I’ve always thought the words “dolphin” and “doleform” are way too similar for the cosmic capital. It leads to mass confusion. Every two weeks I get my dolphin stamped and I’ve had some amazing nude swims with doleforms. A local

Cape Byron Holiday Guide

Cape Byron is Australia’s easternmost town, named Byron Bay by the famous Captain Cook in honour of the great navigator John Byron (yes, the grandfather of the great poet George Byron). With some of Australia’s most bohemian beaches, Byron Bay is home to some of Australia’s biggest stars and artists, and is home to a