Friends who have been to Australia know that there is a ranking spread here. In Australia, children rank first, women rank second, dogs rank third and men rank fourth. Although it’s a joke, children growing up in Australia are really reincarnated experts.


Australia will give corresponding subsidies to families after the birth of children according to family income. Although it’s not as generous as a child’s subsidy of $5000, you still have money to take it.

In Australia, it’s no exaggeration to say that the government helps you raise children.

Milk Money:

The government subsidizes milk powder every month from the birth of the child to the age of 18. The amount of milk money depends on the family income. For example, for families with an annual income of less than 30000, each child can receive 700-800 dollars of milk money.

Parenting rooms everywhere:

All shopping malls have mother and baby rooms. The parenting room is divided into five areas: diaper changing table, nursing room, children’s toilet, children’s activity area, milk powder flushing or heated hot water area. The needs of children can be easily met outside, which makes mothers who take their children on trips less worried.

Kindergarten Subsidy:

Australian kindergartens are very expensive, but the government will give you a subsidy of about 60%. For example, the child’s daily tuition fee is $100. After receiving the government subsidy, the actual payment of parents is about $40. The whole day kindergarten starts from 8:30 a.m. to 18:30 p.m. for families with elderly people at home, the children can be picked up at 15:30. For double working families, picking up the children at 18:30 can completely avoid delaying work, which can be said to be very humanized. In addition, parents in Australia can send their children when they are very young. At present, it is known that kindergartens can be sent in six months, which reduces a lot of worries about having children and raising children for dual working families. After all, there is no habit of Chinese grandparents and grandparents to help take care of children abroad. Foreigners’ grandparents generally only help you when you are really busy in special circumstances, and they also help to see their grandchildren when they are free, This is also the cultural difference between China and Australia.

Public schools do not have any fees:

In Australia, there is no difficulty in getting into school. Whether you buy a house or rent a house, there are corresponding schools in the area. Those who buy a house only need to prove that they live there. Families who rent a house only need to get a two-year lease to allow their children to enter public schools. There is no cost during the period except to buy two school uniforms.

People who have lived in Australia must have seen people wearing uniforms and holding a stop sign near primary schools. There are zebra crossings and traffic lights for pedestrians to pass safely on the roads near Australian schools. In order for children to cross the road safely from school to home, special personnel are also equipped to stop passing vehicles for children when they need to cross the road.

You can get a full interest free loan for College:

After your child goes to college, you can easily make a full interest free loan, and the repayment policy is also very loose. After your child graduates and finds a job, you can determine your annual repayment amount according to your annual salary, that is, if you don’t find a job, you don’t need to repay it temporarily.

It doesn’t matter if children don’t want to go to college when they first graduate from high school. In addition to four-year undergraduate courses, Australia has a wide variety of learning methods.

After graduating from a one-year diploma, if children feel that they really like this major, they can transfer to a four-year undergraduate course and continue to study this major. The score of professional courses reaches more than 75 points (it will be different according to the major studied). They can be exempted from the courses of the first year of University and start reading directly from the sophomore year. The way of going to school is flexible and heinous. In Australia, as long as you want to go to school and do things, the government will always provide convenience for you in various ways.

Children’s playground everywhere outdoors:

Any large green space and lawn will have places for children to play. Under the continuous white clouds, adults are chatting. The children go to the flower slide and swing by themselves. It is very comfortable. Where there are children’s facilities, the ground is covered with soft sawdust. Even if the naughty child falls, there will be no problem. The care of children can be said to be very meticulous.

Library activities for young children:

Each council in Australia has its own libraries. Generally, there are libraries 1-3 kilometers away from the home. It is not only convenient for reading, borrowing and self-study, but also some activities held throughout the year. Many of these activities are specifically made for children.

1、Baby time

Generally, babies aged 0-3 participate in the activity with their father or mother. The activity lasts about half an hour. The content of the activity is generally to tell a small story, talk, and then sing children’s songs. Because the children are relatively small, the painting style is relatively relaxed. Babies can see a lot of people of their age at once. Singing, listening to stories and speaking are very beneficial to the development of children’s character.

2、Story time

This is for children aged 3-5, and the duration is about half an hour. The general content is singing, dancing and storytelling. As the baby is older, the time for storytelling will be more. At the end of each activity, there is also a thing pasted on the children’s clothes. At this time, the children need to sit quietly and wait. They can’t be anxious or rush. The children learn to wait quietly, which is beneficial to the shaping of children’s character.

  1. Holiday activities

After the children’s holiday, the library will also arrange many corresponding activities. Most activities are free, and some require $5 or $10 for raw materials, which will be indicated on the library’s website. These activities include: designing your own bracelet, designing your own hat, designing your own cup, how to write a little story, and so on. It can be seen that these activities are things to stimulate children’s creativity. There are no standard answers to these activities. You can finally do the things you design, and then take them away to cultivate children’s practical ability and stimulate children’s imagination. After doing well, you will feel very successful.

These activities only need to be booked on the library’s website in advance. It’s very convenient to participate directly at that time. You can make an appointment in person or call the library. Except for a few activities that need raw materials and a little cost, most other activities are free.

Children’s Sports Paradise:

A person’s habit of exercise must be cultivated from an early age. At present, China also attaches great importance to cultivating children’s sports habits, but due to the limitations of objective conditions, it is not convenient enough. . You can take your children out to ride a bike at any time. The school pays more attention to cultivating children’s sports habits. It can be said that it attaches great importance to all kinds of outdoor sports, such as Australian football, rugby, swimming and other competitive sports.

Another point is worth recommending. Australia has a coastline of 25760 kilometers, so water sports are particularly rich, especially surfing. Many children learn to surf from the age of four or five. It can not only exercise their water, balance and responsiveness, but also have a particularly beautiful body shape. Being connected with the sea since childhood is a gift from God to Australian children.

Infant food under one year old is exempt from tax:

In Australia, baby food under one year old is duty-free, including milk powder and other baby food. This virtually lightens the burden on families raising one or even several children. In encouraging fertility, Australia has done a lot of practical things. Australia’s protection of food safety for infants and young children has reached a harsh level. Pure natural milk powder, food and raw materials can be 100% pure natural without additives, ensuring the healthy growth of children.

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