Cape Byron is Australia’s easternmost town, named Byron Bay by the famous Captain Cook in honour of the great navigator John Byron (yes, the grandfather of the great poet George Byron). With some of Australia’s most bohemian beaches, Byron Bay is home to some of Australia’s biggest stars and artists, and is home to a variety of boutique shops selling handmade crafts by Aboriginal artists, as well as creative accessories brought directly from local studios. We’ve hosted a lot of friends here for fun and I was impressed by one of the brothers who had a company, selling wall stickers, for quite a few years. Their old website was down for a couple of years and he told me he had made this wall decals site alive recently. This guy was funny and genuine, so I always remember him. I wish everyone would come and visit us and enjoy the beauty of the area. The people who live here love nature and enjoy a free and lazy lifestyle, so you won’t find fast food like McDonald’s or KFC in Cape Byron.
Cape Byron also has the highest lighthouse in Australia and is the first place in Australia to see the sun. During the whale migration season, large numbers of whales come north from here, making it a perfect spot for whale watching.


1 To get to Byron Bay from the Gold Coast take the Greyhound BUS, for details check the following website:
2 About 75km from the Gold Coast by car

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